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Foliage Services By Concepts In Green provides dependable plant maintenance and excellent customer service. Our knowledgeable and professional staff promises to meet all of your plants' needs.

Fine plant care and design services


We are dedicated to quality and your continued satisfaction. Whether we're installing your new plantscape or taking over the maintenance of your existing plants, we will assume full responsibility for the health and proper care of your plants. To best serve you, plant relocation and storage services are also available.

Quality unmatched

- Plantscape design and installation

- Irrigation system implementation

- Custom-built planters

- Supplemental lighting

- Pest control

- Holiday services

Through weekly service visits, our technicians will ensure the continual beauty of your plantscape.

Based on the unique requirements of each individual client, our highly qualified staff will work with you to meet any special needs. Our innovative designs make it easy to transform any space on your property.

High-end plant services

Interior plantscape design

Foliage Services supplies only the highest quality plant material. When obtaining plants for your office, not only do we search for those of exceptional quality, we carefully inspect each plant for any sign of mishandling or pest and disease infestation.

All of the premium plants and flowers you need